Slate is probably one of my favorite stones. I love its dark colors. I also love that with some other types of slate, you get more browns and golds and all these beautiful colors. It’s been my go-to stone with my projects. I love that it’s very resilient as well as versatile because you can use it as countertops, flooring, roofing, etc… I was looking around and found all these awesome pictures which I’d like to share with you!


Claremont Adventure

My lovely cousin had wanted to have a photo shoot, and coincidently, so did I. We decided to go to Claremont because I’ve been wanting to take pictures at this lovely mosaic wall that was by Lynn Basa in the Claremont Village as well as in Pomona College.

We didn’t get to take too many pictures at Pomona College because we were walking around the Claremont Village and it took us a little longer than expected.


I’ll be posting about a couple of stores that we went to in the Claremont Village in a couple days, so stay tuned!