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My friend Jessica is getting married next year and she had asked me to design her wedding invites and all that jazz. This was just an experiment…


Tangerine Tango

So you guys know Pantone right? You know… the company that does the color palettes that’s used in a variety of industries. The expensive palettes. Oh how I would love to have a set! Right? c’mon… you would want it too…

Anyways, I’m here to talk about the “Color of the Year for 2012” – something I should have done in January… or December (hahaha).

So according to Pantone, the Color of the Year is Tangerine Tango. It’s this reddish orange color and I think the name is pretty cute. For me, whenever I think of the word Tango, I think of red. So I thought it was pretty creative for them to name this reddish orange color, tangerine tango.


I, personally, like the color. I used to dislike orange. Now, I’ve grown accustomed to it, and even love it at times. It’s a really nice accent to interiors, especially with fabrics and when it’s against a type of blue.

Let’s take a look if the world has decided to follow the trend.

Pictured above, are pieces from the spring ’12 collection of Charlotte Ronson, Tommy Hilfiger, Peter Som, and Derek Lam.

I know I’ve seen a lot of the reddish orange popping up on my pinterest these days. I think it’s a nice color to accent a basic palette. Like the bride’s bouquet (pictured above); everything is neutral: beige, white, brown. Then you get this beautiful accent! it pops! Even in the wedding pictured below, the touch of tangerine tango, adds a beautiful accent to simple designs.

Well, that’s my little bit on Tangerine Tango. I’m thinking of buying an accent rug or something for my new room. OH! I should probably share that… I’m moving! to a new house a couple of neighborhoods over hahah but I’m excited because I get to paint my room and I’ve been picking colors the past few days, and I decided to go with  a dark blue-green that has a gray-ish tint. I was inspired by this image:

cute huh? I love the plates. My mother collects those blue and white plates as well, and we have it displayed in our dining room wall. I want to do the same with my wall, but with colorful plates. More like this one:

cute right? RIGHT? and don’t you just love those drawers as well? (I don’t know what to call it, but I just want to call it the awesome drawers)

OK friends! I shall post again soon!