Trailers #2

Cloud Atlas – I’m kind of excited for this movie, it looks really good!

Celeste and Jesse Forever – love them

Samsara – Ah, this movie is going to be beautiful.

Ruby Sparks – I really like Paul Dano and Little Miss Sunshine… So I’m sure I’ll love this movie.

3,2,1… Frankie Go Boom – I like the cast

Goats – Such a random title, but it looks good.

Nobody Walks – The cast looks great!

Bachelorette – This should be interesting…

For A Good Time, Call… – This looks funny!

Little White Lies – ooooohhhh I really want to watch this.



Hey everyone!

I actually have time right now to write about my hectic life these past months. I have been M.I.A. and it was all my fault. As you may know, I took 20 units last semester. That’s crazy. I’m crazy. Let me tell you that I am never doing that again. I was almost in tears by the end of the semester. I was just so caught up in all the projects, tests, quizzes, and school basically that I didn’t have time to hang out with friends, blog, or just have some me time. The last 3 weeks of school was the worst. I had to map out every single task that I needed to do at the hour just so I could keep up! Finally, summer has come. Time to relax!

NOT! I was actually not going to take summer classes… but my professor had offered me this small internship at school along with several people to help move and organize our material library to our new building. We also will get the chance to visit multiple showrooms and some design firms! We actually already went to the Pacific Design Center two Fridays ago, so I’ll share some pictures soon. Anyway, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, especially since I need the internship credits for the certificates. So I took the internship and I also decided to take a drawing class! So instead of having the summer off. I had a week off. a week which I spent cleaning, organizing, and sleeping. a lot. Then summer classes started. I thought I’d had more time to hang out with friends, but turns out… I still don’t. I intern in the mornings and then I have class from 1:20 – 5:20 and sometimes I have to do more hours after class to make up for hours that I missed. AAHHH! but the good thing is that my drawing professor is so chill. He doesn’t even assign us homework. He actually used to do architectural drawings! Like the facade of the buildings! AAND he can render really well! I’m thinking of getting him to do a workshop for the design students :) It’s only been the second week of school and I’ve learned so much already. I’ll share some drawings later on as well. Anyways.. I keep jumping from subject to subject but that’s all I pretty much wanted to say… that and I’m back! :)

All Things Nautical

I really have no idea where this obsession fascination came from. The thing is, it wasn’t really a favorite theme of mine growing up and if you know me, I really don’t have favorites.  I just kind of gravitated towards it for most of the time and didn’t realize my fascination for all things nautical since about a 4-5 years ago when I was looking through old pictures and I had found pictures of myself at my first birthday, all smiley and dressed in my red and white sailor dress that my mother had bought me. So THAT’S where it all started!! Right from an early age! It all makes sense now… hahahaha

So let’s talk about decorating with a theme. When I think of Nautical, I automatically think of red, blue, white, and stripes. Some people like having such bold colors in the room… Some people don’t. I think painting all the walls in a room with those bold colors, might be a bit overwhelming for me though it definitely works for other homes. You can even just do an accent wall that’s painted red or a striped wall! how fun! I think for nautical themes, accents are the way to go. Let it show through your decoration pieces. You don’t even have to use the “traditional” colors. Use some brown sandy colors and some seafoam green! Or you can even just use different shades and tints of the traditional colors. Let me show you some photos: some screams nautical, some doesn’t, and some are just in the middle. Then you can decide which ones you like best.

Traditional Bedroom design by Media And BlogsThe Lettered Cottage

well… that’s it for now! I gotta go and hang out with my bestfraaan… see you guys later!


Only a few people know that I enjoy watching movie trailers. Over the past year or so, I’ve compiled a list of movies that I want to watch. There’s about 300+ movies right now on the list… yep. Well, I just wanted to share the ones that I’ve seen today, and some of you might already have seen it. But it’s here, for you and I to watch. I really hope I get to see some of these soon, I don’t have the time to watch movies anymore. (I haven’t even watched The Avengers or The Hunger Games!!! my whole family already watched the Hunger Games before me and I read the books! hahahha) Anyways, I hope you enjoy the trailers, and add it onto your list (if you already have one) or maybe start your own! Oh, and I’ve only put 7 (hey… I was going to put more… but I figured 7 will do). I really suggest you watch all. I’m not really a movie critic (not even close). Even if the movie has low ratings, I’ll still watch it if it looks interesting to me. I guess I just don’t have high standards? ANYWAYS. ok. go watch. now.

The Intouchables – This one made me smile. I definitely want to watch this.

Take This Waltz – I love the cast. I’m excited to watch this.

The Words – Bradley. freaking. Cooper (actually, my bestfriend loves him more. I just really want to see this movie. Oh, and Jeremy Irons is in it too. Actually, the cast looks great!)

The Odd Life of Timothy Green – It’s Disney! It looks really interesting!

Safety Not Guaranteed – It’s from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine!

The Campaign – “My hair, could lift a car off a baby if it had to.” I laughed right after he said “salamat.” Man I love Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. Is it me or does Zach sound a little bit like Bruce from Family Guy? YES?! RIGHT?! hahaha (that’s what I first thought of!)

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – This looks good. I love everything about this movie. The cast, the setting, the story…

Hope you liked it! I sure did… Enough to post it at 3 in the morning! 


A couple of weeks ago, I went to Irvine with my cousin to take her grad pictures, which did not turn out so well (this is why I’m not a photographer). So I’m hoping in round 2, I’ll get some better shots.

Anyways, I just wanted to share these two pictures I took. That’s all! I’ll update you guys within a few weeks! It’s that time where projects are due, studying for finals, and sleepless nights!