All Things Nautical

I really have no idea where this obsession fascination came from. The thing is, it wasn’t really a favorite theme of mine growing up and if you know me, I really don’t have favorites.  I just kind of gravitated towards it for most of the time and didn’t realize my fascination for all things nautical since about a 4-5 years ago when I was looking through old pictures and I had found pictures of myself at my first birthday, all smiley and dressed in my red and white sailor dress that my mother had bought me. So THAT’S where it all started!! Right from an early age! It all makes sense now… hahahaha

So let’s talk about decorating with a theme. When I think of Nautical, I automatically think of red, blue, white, and stripes. Some people like having such bold colors in the room… Some people don’t. I think painting all the walls in a room with those bold colors, might be a bit overwhelming for me though it definitely works for other homes. You can even just do an accent wall that’s painted red or a striped wall! how fun! I think for nautical themes, accents are the way to go. Let it show through your decoration pieces. You don’t even have to use the “traditional” colors. Use some brown sandy colors and some seafoam green! Or you can even just use different shades and tints of the traditional colors. Let me show you some photos: some screams nautical, some doesn’t, and some are just in the middle. Then you can decide which ones you like best.

Traditional Bedroom design by Media And BlogsThe Lettered Cottage

well… that’s it for now! I gotta go and hang out with my bestfraaan… see you guys later!


Custom Luminaire

Hello friends!

I just wanted to share with you a luminaire that I had made for my lighting design and theory class.

My partner and I each had to create a custom luminaire based on a movie. We chose to do it on the movie “Midnight In Paris.”

My bestfriend, Erika, had really helped me a lot with my concept. We were talking about why the main character, Gil, loves the 1920’s so much. That art and music is not as original as it was before. Everything is either copied or modified. So I decided to do a play on that idea where I took a typical fixture from the past and took the elements and arrange it to be a new “modern” fixture as well as having the materials that I use to represent time traveling, which is a big theme in the movie.

so I took this chandelier and visually broke it apart in my head. I wanted to keep the hoops in my final fixture, then I wanted to represent the crystals with some sort of pliable metal or aluminum. The design on the right is what I had come up with in class. I didn’t want the table lamp to be that tall so I made it shorter.

Here was the final product! I’m very happy with it. The lamp (bulb) is meant to be exposed. I had intended for the fixture to be a sculpture/decorative piece around the house, which is why I didn’t put a type of diffuser near the bottom to cover the light (even though my teacher said I should have done that… oh well).  I had used a vintage style incandescent lamp (which is bad! you all should use CFL or LED lamps by the way…) because I wanted to have that vintage/1920’s feel to the fixture.

Hope you liked it!

(chandelier source)


A couple of weeks ago, I had went to the Pacific Design Center with my friend Carlos to attend Westweek which is just a gathering for a lot of designers so that they can check out new trends in the industry by visiting the showrooms, listen to talks and demonstrations given out by famous designers, and pretty much just mingle with other designers (and students like me!)

I didn’t get to take too many pictures because I was too busy looking at the showrooms and chatting up with people.

So here’s the breakdown of the picture set.

1. The atrium of the PDC. They have a lot of fabric showrooms at this level and Carlos and I went crazy. Before going here, we had stopped by Schumacher and they gave us some goodies and fabric samples to choose from a big box!

2. We went to the David Sutherland showroom for out last stop and they had these gorgeous light fixtures. I could imagine this particular luminaire at a high-end/up-town boardroom.

3. Another luminaire from David Sutherland.

4. And another one… I thought this was really cute though, which is why I took a close-up.

5. I have an attachment to this particular side table. I had used this EXACT side table for a project a year or so ago and I didn’t realize that the manufacturer was David Sutherland. So I was pretty happy when I saw it at the showroom. Also, the credenza in the back (you can’t really see it much) was really cool.

6. We ate at Pizza Rustica after which was just around the corner from the PDC.

7. My lovely friend, Carlos.

8. We then went to the West Hollywood Library across from the PDC. It was really nice. If you guys ever get a chance to go, you should definitely check it out. They have this really nice tree installation along the stairs going up. We didn’t notice it at first because it was so high, then Carlos had glanced up and we just started taking pictures.

9. Even the ceiling on the second floor was really cool.

10. It was a very nice library. We wanted to stay and read some books but the library was going to close soon.


That’s about it! I just wanted to share that with you guys :)


Love and Sketch Up

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I spent my valentine’s day making a card for my very good friend Marteeen (Martin), and going to school. We’re taking accounting together right now and we’ve been keeping each other sane throughout this class since it’s a 5 hour night class. It’s pretty much a friendship card telling him how much i loove him hahah I wanted to make him something and because he’s getting me chocolate from see’s candy. yum!

So the card that I made him, I pretty much copied a picture that I saw online. He loves forrest gump, and I thought that this quote pretty much summed up our relationship.

So you’re probably wondering why I titled this “Love and Sketch Up” well, I’ve been doing a personal project with Google Sketch Up. I’m trying to recreate the two homes I grew up in while I was living in the Philippines. I don’t have recent pictures of it, and I can’t visit them anymore when I got back because we sold them. So I thought I’d post the process here. I’m just recreating it through memory and with the help of my grandma.

here’s my first try:

The measurements aren’t exact because I don’t have the measurements at all. I just need to add the details into the walls like doors, millwork, windows, and flooring. Then add the extras later on like furniture, etc…

Well… that’s that for now!

Design Inspiration

My aunt that lives in the Philippines recently sent me and email saying that she’d like me to design some doors for her new house that she’s getting built. Her house is going to have a Modern Asian design and she’d like the doors to have an organic design that still relates to the house.

Pretty awesome huh? I’m really excited.

The first thing I thought of when she said Modern Asian is that I knew it was going to be boxy and geometric with a lot of clean, straight lines. So the first thing I did was to go on google and houzz to look for some inspiration.

Here are several images that I was inspired by:

Tarrytown House asian exterior
Kronstadt asian exterior
Bendel-Daniels House asian exterior
Bendel-Daniels House asian entry
So I got to the drawing board. I was initially going to sketch it out and color it but I thought that doing it in illustrator would be easier and faster.So here are the results! I was told to use 3-4 stains, and the doors are going to be constructed entirely out of wood. Simple, organic, and geometric.
I should have numbered them… but my favorite ones are the 5th one in the 1st row; the 1st one in the 2nd row; the 2nd and 5th one in the 3rd row; the 1st, 3rd, and 5th in the 4th row; the 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the 5th row; and both doors in the 6th row.
but.. ahh.. I like them all…. >_<
Which did YOU like?


We were assigned to design an accessible kitchen 2 weeks ago. I’ve been working on my design throughout the weeks, and did not procrastinate; but somehow I still ended up staying up the night before it was due to finish everything! I was so stressed. This project confused me, gave me headaches, and irritated me. In the end though, I was proud of the overall design. This is for my Codes class, so all we have to do is design spaces that are up to the building codes and such. Our teacher always tell us that we don’t have to design things in detail, like aesthetic wise, just make everything simple and standard. Of course, being myself, I tend to make everything harder for myself. I’ll go that extra mile to make everything pretty or detailed. My classmates already know that I have something “crazy” in mind to do for projects. (Even though I don’t think it’s that crazy…) I tend to design high end looking spaces… fancy.
I just wanted to show you guys where I got my inspiration from and I wanted to show you my finished colored design. (Things to keep in mind: Yes, my lines aren’t straight. We’re suppose to freehand all the inking and I think I did alright. Not my best though. Whenever I ink my lines, I NEVER  breath. I hold my breath when I’m drawing a line so I don’t mess up. Doesn’t work sometimes though. hahah :) )
Needham Kitchen traditional kitchen
VP Interiors 2010 contemporary kitchen
Russian Hill modern kitchen
Kitchen traditional kitchen
Paton Terrace Kitchen contemporary kitchen
Bhatia contemporary kitchen
so here’s the floor plan. We were given that space to work with, all while thinking of the necessary clearances and such for the wheelchair to able to roll comfortably around.

here’s the elevations for the floor plan above. The top one is of the north side of the floor plan. It’s actually the one I was really excited about because of the backsplash that I did. The detail of the tile is off to the side but it got cut off, but at least you can somehow see it :). I showed my teacher and she was like “It’s Beyooootiful!” (hehehhe) Bottom left is of the west side which has the floor to ceiling windows. Bottom right is of the east side which has french doors. (pretty simple)

And last, here’s the elevations for the island. Pretty simple as well, I had no room to add any extra drawers and cabinets because I had to put seating for four. And If I put it in the side of the microwave and cooktop, it would have collided with those appliances.

Did you like it? I hope you did :) Even though this gave me headaches, and I literally wanted to trash my trace paper.. I love doing this.

So now off to my next project! Hotel suites!

– Francis