DIY Trend

WHAAA? ANOTHER POST? lol It’s for homework guys… Isn’t it cool that I get to blog as an assignment? ANYWAYS. Since I talked about color trends in my previous post, I’ll continue to talk about trends.

A trend that I think will forever be popular is the classic “Do-It-Yourself”.  I think that now, especially with the economy, people are tackling more do-it-yourself projects. Whether it be altering clothes or revamping a thrifted cabinet, DIY will continue to be a trend. Sites like Pinterest that has its own category devoted to DIY, continually inspire people to tackle these so called DIY projects.

DIY has its pros and cons. My friend, Luke, talked about how DIY is killing the design industry because since people are designing their own websites, blogs, logos, etc… they don’t need the help of the professionals anymore. Which is very unfortunate for us designers because since people are doing everything themselves, it’s getting harder and harder to find design jobs. We’ve had speakers come to our business practices class and talk about how they went from having 20 + clients one day, to having less than 10 then next. So DIY could really be a factor that affects the design industry.

However… I, myself, am a DIY-er. I love doing everything myself. I like working with my hands and building things. I’m always curious on how things are put together.I think it’s a trait that I got from my father. DIY, for me, helps me not only to save money, but to think creatively. Like a good example would be the elephant sweater I had made a year ago. I saw this:

at some random website. I wish I could remember… It was the original website where the sweater came from. I think it was a UK based site. Anyways, I saw this sweater, fell in love with and I was about to get it until I found it was only a kid’s sweater! AH! I really wanted one! So what did I do? I made one! I’m not the greatest when it comes to sewing, but the sweater turned out pretty great!

So I guess I agree with both sides. I can sympathize with the designers because… well… we want jobs! But I can also sympathize with the people who do want to do everything themselves. Tackle their inner handy-man (or woman).

So to end this post, I want to share a couple of DIY projects that I want to pursue, and I hope you do too!

When I first saw this post in Design Sponge, I got excited. It’s so pretty! I want to make giant paper flowers! Maybe even put them in my room! I could feel like Thumbelina! lol and it would be really fun to have a photoshoot with giant paper flowers! fairy photoshoot? yes! AH! the possibilities are endless!

Big project! I don’t want to do exactly what he did, but It would be awesome to build something out of recycled materials. Pictured below is Michael Reynolds. Here’s a little snippet from the site: “Michael Reynolds founded Earthship Biotecture, a company that specializes in designing and building Earthships, in the 1970s. He wanted to create a home that was not only sustainable, but also mostly self-sufficient and within financial reach of the average person. Earthships generally cost between $50,000 to $100,000 and can be built by just about anyone, regardless of whether they have any previous experience.” Isn’t that cool?

That’s it for now! I gotta work on other things :)

See ya!


Love and Sketch Up

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I spent my valentine’s day making a card for my very good friend Marteeen (Martin), and going to school. We’re taking accounting together right now and we’ve been keeping each other sane throughout this class since it’s a 5 hour night class. It’s pretty much a friendship card telling him how much i loove him hahah I wanted to make him something and because he’s getting me chocolate from see’s candy. yum!

So the card that I made him, I pretty much copied a picture that I saw online. He loves forrest gump, and I thought that this quote pretty much summed up our relationship.

So you’re probably wondering why I titled this “Love and Sketch Up” well, I’ve been doing a personal project with Google Sketch Up. I’m trying to recreate the two homes I grew up in while I was living in the Philippines. I don’t have recent pictures of it, and I can’t visit them anymore when I got back because we sold them. So I thought I’d post the process here. I’m just recreating it through memory and with the help of my grandma.

here’s my first try:

The measurements aren’t exact because I don’t have the measurements at all. I just need to add the details into the walls like doors, millwork, windows, and flooring. Then add the extras later on like furniture, etc…

Well… that’s that for now!

Books and Lace


First of all, I want to say that I’m so grateful to have been featured on “Freshly Pressed” yesterday as well as today!!! aaahhh!! two days in a row! I was so happy to receive such great comments and got some new followers too! Might I say… I’ve been feeling pretty inspired and motivated since yesterday. This was exactly the kick I needed to get this blog going.

So here it is, as promised, I’m showing you the awesome finds that I got while I was on my trip.

Two old books (The Scarlet Letter & War and Peace) from the 57th Street Antique Mall located in East Sacramento. Then the lace tablecloth, two lace doilies, and three lace ribbons that I found at a small thrift store on the way to Yosemite. (Sadly, I didn’t remember the name of the town)

The lace table-cloth is a little stained so I still need try to get the stains out. The ribbon on the top right, which came in a set of 3 that’s about 30″ long, are damaged and there’s a lot of stains. So if I can’t get the stains out of those ribbons, I’d salvage the good parts and maybe make some earrings or jewelry of some sort. (Unless I come up with a better idea) I think I’m going to use the lace ribbons that’s located in the top middle section for these skirts that I want to make that I saw on pinterest one time.

well.. these ones are actually shorts but hey.. shorts are awesome.

and then there’s this one:

Then the lace doilies… I really wanted to make the lace doilie lamps I’ve been seeing around like these:

If not lamps, then maybe some cool lace bowls for decoration or maybe I’d incorporate it to kind of a mixed media painting. RIGHT? that’d be cool…

Ok farewell for now. I’m off to do my laundry and accounting homework. fuunn…

Circle skirt

Hello, Hello!

I am finally going to be able to start blogging! :) May I add that I am in love with macs… awesome computers.

Anyways, I’d like to share with ya’ll a little project I wanted to test out. I’m making a skirt for a friend of mine, as a super late birthday present. I’ve never really made anything, just a drawstring bag back in elementary, and this elephant sweatshirt I sewed together last year.

I decided to make a circle skirt, because I found this tutorial on pinterest one time. So you know, before making the real thing, I wanted to practice and see if I might encounter some difficulties while making the skirt. So I made a small skirt for my baby sister with fabric I just had laying around at home.

here were the results:

I had used white thread… because i ran out of blue.

I personally think… that circle skirts are awesome. They’re GREAT for twirling…

See what I mean?

She got pretty tired from all that twirling. Oh, and I love how the skirt just flows, and it looks pleated! I love pleats!

I thought that making this was kind of tough. I don’t have much experience with sewing myself but sewing round corners… I just can’t. It’s hard. I just need to practice more… or maybe there’s this secret technique that I don’t know about. ;P

My little sister loved that skirt, she wore it for the next 3 days! (well, except when she slept of course)

I just want to end with this quote I found the other day. I had to do a sketch for my color theory class and I sketched my sister and wrote it on the page.

“Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart – oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape – of your sister.”  ~Katherine Mansfield

– francis