Bye 365

So. I was actually expecting this. I didn’t think it would be too soon though. I thought this project was going to push myself to be more creative… but in a way it did, but at the same time… I didn’t really enjoy it. I guess I’ll just stick back to doodling on my notebook whenever I feel like it and posting some on this blog every now and then.

I’ll see ya’ll later!



Hey everyone!

I actually have time right now to write about my hectic life these past months. I have been M.I.A. and it was all my fault. As you may know, I took 20 units last semester. That’s crazy. I’m crazy. Let me tell you that I am never doing that again. I was almost in tears by the end of the semester. I was just so caught up in all the projects, tests, quizzes, and school basically that I didn’t have time to hang out with friends, blog, or just have some me time. The last 3 weeks of school was the worst. I had to map out every single task that I needed to do at the hour just so I could keep up! Finally, summer has come. Time to relax!

NOT! I was actually not going to take summer classes… but my professor had offered me this small internship at school along with several people to help move and organize our material library to our new building. We also will get the chance to visit multiple showrooms and some design firms! We actually already went to the Pacific Design Center two Fridays ago, so I’ll share some pictures soon. Anyway, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, especially since I need the internship credits for the certificates. So I took the internship and I also decided to take a drawing class! So instead of having the summer off. I had a week off. a week which I spent cleaning, organizing, and sleeping. a lot. Then summer classes started. I thought I’d had more time to hang out with friends, but turns out… I still don’t. I intern in the mornings and then I have class from 1:20 – 5:20 and sometimes I have to do more hours after class to make up for hours that I missed. AAHHH! but the good thing is that my drawing professor is so chill. He doesn’t even assign us homework. He actually used to do architectural drawings! Like the facade of the buildings! AAND he can render really well! I’m thinking of getting him to do a workshop for the design students :) It’s only been the second week of school and I’ve learned so much already. I’ll share some drawings later on as well. Anyways.. I keep jumping from subject to subject but that’s all I pretty much wanted to say… that and I’m back! :)


A couple of weeks ago, I went to Irvine with my cousin to take her grad pictures, which did not turn out so well (this is why I’m not a photographer). So I’m hoping in round 2, I’ll get some better shots.

Anyways, I just wanted to share these two pictures I took. That’s all! I’ll update you guys within a few weeks! It’s that time where projects are due, studying for finals, and sleepless nights!

DIY Trend

WHAAA? ANOTHER POST? lol It’s for homework guys… Isn’t it cool that I get to blog as an assignment? ANYWAYS. Since I talked about color trends in my previous post, I’ll continue to talk about trends.

A trend that I think will forever be popular is the classic “Do-It-Yourself”.  I think that now, especially with the economy, people are tackling more do-it-yourself projects. Whether it be altering clothes or revamping a thrifted cabinet, DIY will continue to be a trend. Sites like Pinterest that has its own category devoted to DIY, continually inspire people to tackle these so called DIY projects.

DIY has its pros and cons. My friend, Luke, talked about how DIY is killing the design industry because since people are designing their own websites, blogs, logos, etc… they don’t need the help of the professionals anymore. Which is very unfortunate for us designers because since people are doing everything themselves, it’s getting harder and harder to find design jobs. We’ve had speakers come to our business practices class and talk about how they went from having 20 + clients one day, to having less than 10 then next. So DIY could really be a factor that affects the design industry.

However… I, myself, am a DIY-er. I love doing everything myself. I like working with my hands and building things. I’m always curious on how things are put together.I think it’s a trait that I got from my father. DIY, for me, helps me not only to save money, but to think creatively. Like a good example would be the elephant sweater I had made a year ago. I saw this:

at some random website. I wish I could remember… It was the original website where the sweater came from. I think it was a UK based site. Anyways, I saw this sweater, fell in love with and I was about to get it until I found it was only a kid’s sweater! AH! I really wanted one! So what did I do? I made one! I’m not the greatest when it comes to sewing, but the sweater turned out pretty great!

So I guess I agree with both sides. I can sympathize with the designers because… well… we want jobs! But I can also sympathize with the people who do want to do everything themselves. Tackle their inner handy-man (or woman).

So to end this post, I want to share a couple of DIY projects that I want to pursue, and I hope you do too!

When I first saw this post in Design Sponge, I got excited. It’s so pretty! I want to make giant paper flowers! Maybe even put them in my room! I could feel like Thumbelina! lol and it would be really fun to have a photoshoot with giant paper flowers! fairy photoshoot? yes! AH! the possibilities are endless!

Big project! I don’t want to do exactly what he did, but It would be awesome to build something out of recycled materials. Pictured below is Michael Reynolds. Here’s a little snippet from the site: “Michael Reynolds founded Earthship Biotecture, a company that specializes in designing and building Earthships, in the 1970s. He wanted to create a home that was not only sustainable, but also mostly self-sufficient and within financial reach of the average person. Earthships generally cost between $50,000 to $100,000 and can be built by just about anyone, regardless of whether they have any previous experience.” Isn’t that cool?

That’s it for now! I gotta work on other things :)

See ya!

Tangerine Tango

So you guys know Pantone right? You know… the company that does the color palettes that’s used in a variety of industries. The expensive palettes. Oh how I would love to have a set! Right? c’mon… you would want it too…

Anyways, I’m here to talk about the “Color of the Year for 2012” – something I should have done in January… or December (hahaha).

So according to Pantone, the Color of the Year is Tangerine Tango. It’s this reddish orange color and I think the name is pretty cute. For me, whenever I think of the word Tango, I think of red. So I thought it was pretty creative for them to name this reddish orange color, tangerine tango.


I, personally, like the color. I used to dislike orange. Now, I’ve grown accustomed to it, and even love it at times. It’s a really nice accent to interiors, especially with fabrics and when it’s against a type of blue.

Let’s take a look if the world has decided to follow the trend.

Pictured above, are pieces from the spring ’12 collection of Charlotte Ronson, Tommy Hilfiger, Peter Som, and Derek Lam.

I know I’ve seen a lot of the reddish orange popping up on my pinterest these days. I think it’s a nice color to accent a basic palette. Like the bride’s bouquet (pictured above); everything is neutral: beige, white, brown. Then you get this beautiful accent! it pops! Even in the wedding pictured below, the touch of tangerine tango, adds a beautiful accent to simple designs.

Well, that’s my little bit on Tangerine Tango. I’m thinking of buying an accent rug or something for my new room. OH! I should probably share that… I’m moving! to a new house a couple of neighborhoods over hahah but I’m excited because I get to paint my room and I’ve been picking colors the past few days, and I decided to go with  a dark blue-green that has a gray-ish tint. I was inspired by this image:

cute huh? I love the plates. My mother collects those blue and white plates as well, and we have it displayed in our dining room wall. I want to do the same with my wall, but with colorful plates. More like this one:

cute right? RIGHT? and don’t you just love those drawers as well? (I don’t know what to call it, but I just want to call it the awesome drawers)

OK friends! I shall post again soon!

Heirloom and Three French Hens

So a few days ago, I said that I would talk about a couple of stores that my cousin and I went to while we were on our mini Claremont adventure.

First one up is Heirloom:

1. They have these awesome glass lamps, which you can learn how to make in one of their classes.
2. I really like the wood materials that they used for their walls and their floors. I love love love the reclaimed wood that they used for their walls.
3. They have cute little displays and products.
4. Local artists can sell their creations in the store like local wood artist, Chet Lewis.
5. An assortment of handles.
6. They have cute and interesting cards, this one says “I love you like a back-alley hooker loves crack.”
7. This one says “Save the drama fo’ yo’ mama.” Teeheehee
8. I loved this Book luminaire, and the filament lamp was a nice touch.
9. On our way out the store… I noticed this corner which I totally missed on the way in! I quickly made my way and looked through the little knick knacks that they had and I had bought something (see picture below).
10. Heirloom sign
11. Entrance to the store

This one is the Three French Hens:

1. I’m not really quite sure if this was for sale, or if it was a decoration… but I really like it.
2. I like the build in shelving/display that they had in the store.
3. Chain light fixture.
4. Vintage table, clock, typewriter, among other things.
5. Vintage typewriter. I love vintage typewriters. Well, just typewriters in general. When I was little, I would play with my dad’s typewriter and set it up in my little desk and I’d have an office.
6. They have a bunch of vintage books for sale as well.
7. They also had a handful of design books that I wanted to buy oh so much!
8. Some artwork on the wall by a local artist.
9. I thought it was really cool to see a stoplight. I wanted to take it home with me as well…
10. What a beautiful door! It’s a little skinny, but it’s very tall — and I love tall doors.
11. Some lovely bottles.
12. The sign in the front of the store.

p.s. Here’s what I had bought from Heirloom. Some watch parts and mini clothespins. They look big, but they’re really small… The clothespin is less than an inch.