Slate is probably one of my favorite stones. I love its dark colors. I also love that with some other types of slate, you get more browns and golds and all these beautiful colors. It’s been my go-to stone with my projects. I love that it’s very resilient as well as versatile because you can use it as countertops, flooring, roofing, etc… I was looking around and found all these awesome pictures which I’d like to share with you!


Bye 365

So. I was actually expecting this. I didn’t think it would be too soon though. I thought this project was going to push myself to be more creative… but in a way it did, but at the same time… I didn’t really enjoy it. I guess I’ll just stick back to doodling on my notebook whenever I feel like it and posting some on this blog every now and then.

I’ll see ya’ll later!

save the date

My friend Jessica is getting married next year and she had asked me to design her wedding invites and all that jazz. This was just an experiment…

Trailers #2

Cloud Atlas – I’m kind of excited for this movie, it looks really good!

Celeste and Jesse Forever – love them

Samsara – Ah, this movie is going to be beautiful.

Ruby Sparks – I really like Paul Dano and Little Miss Sunshine… So I’m sure I’ll love this movie.

3,2,1… Frankie Go Boom – I like the cast

Goats – Such a random title, but it looks good.

Nobody Walks – The cast looks great!

Bachelorette – This should be interesting…

For A Good Time, Call… – This looks funny!

Little White Lies – ooooohhhh I really want to watch this.