All Things Nautical

I really have no idea where this obsession fascination came from. The thing is, it wasn’t really a favorite theme of mine growing up and if you know me, I really don’t have favorites.  I just kind of gravitated towards it for most of the time and didn’t realize my fascination for all things nautical since about a 4-5 years ago when I was looking through old pictures and I had found pictures of myself at my first birthday, all smiley and dressed in my red and white sailor dress that my mother had bought me. So THAT’S where it all started!! Right from an early age! It all makes sense now… hahahaha

So let’s talk about decorating with a theme. When I think of Nautical, I automatically think of red, blue, white, and stripes. Some people like having such bold colors in the room… Some people don’t. I think painting all the walls in a room with those bold colors, might be a bit overwhelming for me though it definitely works for other homes. You can even just do an accent wall that’s painted red or a striped wall! how fun! I think for nautical themes, accents are the way to go. Let it show through your decoration pieces. You don’t even have to use the “traditional” colors. Use some brown sandy colors and some seafoam green! Or you can even just use different shades and tints of the traditional colors. Let me show you some photos: some screams nautical, some doesn’t, and some are just in the middle. Then you can decide which ones you like best.

Traditional Bedroom design by Media And BlogsThe Lettered Cottage

well… that’s it for now! I gotta go and hang out with my bestfraaan… see you guys later!


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