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WHAAA? ANOTHER POST? lol It’s for homework guys… Isn’t it cool that I get to blog as an assignment? ANYWAYS. Since I talked about color trends in my previous post, I’ll continue to talk about trends.

A trend that I think will forever be popular is the classic “Do-It-Yourself”.  I think that now, especially with the economy, people are tackling more do-it-yourself projects. Whether it be altering clothes or revamping a thrifted cabinet, DIY will continue to be a trend. Sites like Pinterest that has its own category devoted to DIY, continually inspire people to tackle these so called DIY projects.

DIY has its pros and cons. My friend, Luke, talked about how DIY is killing the design industry because since people are designing their own websites, blogs, logos, etc… they don’t need the help of the professionals anymore. Which is very unfortunate for us designers because since people are doing everything themselves, it’s getting harder and harder to find design jobs. We’ve had speakers come to our business practices class and talk about how they went from having 20 + clients one day, to having less than 10 then next. So DIY could really be a factor that affects the design industry.

However… I, myself, am a DIY-er. I love doing everything myself. I like working with my hands and building things. I’m always curious on how things are put together.I think it’s a trait that I got from my father. DIY, for me, helps me not only to save money, but to think creatively. Like a good example would be the elephant sweater I had made a year ago. I saw this:

at some random website. I wish I could remember… It was the original website where the sweater came from. I think it was a UK based site. Anyways, I saw this sweater, fell in love with and I was about to get it until I found it was only a kid’s sweater! AH! I really wanted one! So what did I do? I made one! I’m not the greatest when it comes to sewing, but the sweater turned out pretty great!

So I guess I agree with both sides. I can sympathize with the designers because… well… we want jobs! But I can also sympathize with the people who do want to do everything themselves. Tackle their inner handy-man (or woman).

So to end this post, I want to share a couple of DIY projects that I want to pursue, and I hope you do too!

When I first saw this post in Design Sponge, I got excited. It’s so pretty! I want to make giant paper flowers! Maybe even put them in my room! I could feel like Thumbelina! lol and it would be really fun to have a photoshoot with giant paper flowers! fairy photoshoot? yes! AH! the possibilities are endless!

Big project! I don’t want to do exactly what he did, but It would be awesome to build something out of recycled materials. Pictured below is Michael Reynolds. Here’s a little snippet from the site: “Michael Reynolds founded Earthship Biotecture, a company that specializes in designing and building Earthships, in the 1970s. He wanted to create a home that was not only sustainable, but also mostly self-sufficient and within financial reach of the average person. Earthships generally cost between $50,000 to $100,000 and can be built by just about anyone, regardless of whether they have any previous experience.” Isn’t that cool?

That’s it for now! I gotta work on other things :)

See ya!


10 thoughts on “DIY Trend

  1. My sister actually wants huge paper flowers like those for her wedding at the end of the year!! Good choice :) Oh and I know where that picture actually originates from.. I saw it on and they have free desktop wallpapers that are super cute and one of them is actually that picture!! I’m liking these assigned posts you have to do hehe

  2. Wow! When I saw this last year I thought it’d be perfect for my friend and I wanted to make it for her but it seemed a little too challenging for me haha :( You’re amazing.

  3. Love the elephant! and the home is awesome, thanks for the tip. It’s true that there are many diyers, but that does not mean that their skills are anywhere near a professional’s. I think that the economy forces people to try it themselves. times are tough and the first thing out the door is the budget for design/art. a harsh reality.

    • Exactly. I was just having a conversation with my friend about this the other day. Times ARE tough, and we have to think of saving as much as we can, but then I feel bad for the professionals. Today, instead of going to someone to go get a website done, people can go to sites like to make their own websites – it won’t be as good but hey…. they gotta save somehow.

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