Custom Luminaire

Hello friends!

I just wanted to share with you a luminaire that I had made for my lighting design and theory class.

My partner and I each had to create a custom luminaire based on a movie. We chose to do it on the movie “Midnight In Paris.”

My bestfriend, Erika, had really helped me a lot with my concept. We were talking about why the main character, Gil, loves the 1920’s so much. That art and music is not as original as it was before. Everything is either copied or modified. So I decided to do a play on that idea where I took a typical fixture from the past and took the elements and arrange it to be a new “modern” fixture as well as having the materials that I use to represent time traveling, which is a big theme in the movie.

so I took this chandelier and visually broke it apart in my head. I wanted to keep the hoops in my final fixture, then I wanted to represent the crystals with some sort of pliable metal or aluminum. The design on the right is what I had come up with in class. I didn’t want the table lamp to be that tall so I made it shorter.

Here was the final product! I’m very happy with it. The lamp (bulb) is meant to be exposed. I had intended for the fixture to be a sculpture/decorative piece around the house, which is why I didn’t put a type of diffuser near the bottom to cover the light (even though my teacher said I should have done that… oh well).  I had used a vintage style incandescent lamp (which is bad! you all should use CFL or LED lamps by the way…) because I wanted to have that vintage/1920’s feel to the fixture.

Hope you liked it!

(chandelier source)


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