Roman and Williams

Roman and Williams is one of my favorite design firms. I came across their work a few years ago when I was looking at pictures of flat file cabinets, which I love (and will be posting about soon).

I love their style. I feel like if I were to walk into the spaces that they designed, I would be transformed into another time period. It reminds me of the 60’s. To me it looks modern but in a classic way.

Here are some photos:

This is the fourth street loft, which is my absolute favorite residential project that they’ve done.

Their office is amazing. I’m actually using it as inspiration for a project for my space planning class.

Hope you enjoyed the little spotlight on Roman and Williams, and please go check out their work here. They have other amazing designs in their project list.

photos from the 4th street project (source)
photos from their office (source)


2 thoughts on “Roman and Williams

    • flat files are awesome. I’m looking for a vintage flat file because I need one to store all my floor plan drafts because right now.. It’s just rolled up and stored in a tube.

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