Take a walk

Hello! I’m taking a quick study break. I wanted to share with you a few pictures that I took while I was taking a walk on this trail near my house the other day.

While walking, I was distracted by the barbed wire and decided to take a picture of it. Then I looked down and saw a snail’s shell on the ground. I somehow wanted to pick it up and take it with me.. but I decided not to.

The trail was short, and the view when you get to the peak of the hill was quite nice.

Ladybugs! On my way home.. I saw a couple of lady bugs chillin’ on some spiky garden weeds and so I decided to take a picture. Then I noticed a lot of them just crawling around! I love ladybugs… I have a soft spot for them because I think the picture that made me want to start taking more creative photographs was this picture I took of a ladybug spreading it’s wings right when it was about to fly away. I took it when I was taking a picture of my cousin on a yellow field. I’ll have to show you guys sometime when I find the picture.

Yeah… that’s all… back to working on my project.


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