Free Download

I made a font today because I wanted to try out this program that I got.  I was going to make a “downloads” page so I can put freebies in there but I can’t upload .ttf files onto wordpress and I the free font hosting websites take forever.

click the picture and it will redirect you to in a new window. Just click download and follow the instructions and I think it might show up on your font folders as “untitled” hahah sorry.. I was just trying it out while I was on my study break. I really should be studying right now though…. 

So click download! Free for personal use.

It’s a TrueType font (ttf) and they should work for both PC and Mac.

Install on a PC: Go to Start> Control Panel> Fonts, then drag the file into the folder.

Install on a Mac: Double click on the font, then click ‘Install.’ OR what I like to do is to open up the Font Book> File> Add font, then search for the font in the downloads folder (or wherever you placed it)



4 thoughts on “Free Download

  1. that’s so cute! definitely going to use this someday. thanks!
    i’ve made my own font before – it’s fun to do and see your handwriting on screen :) maybe i’ll make another one again soon.

    • aww yay! thanks madison! yeah it was fun.. lol i’m horrible.. I was making a font instead of studying.. gah hahha yeah I wanted to try making one..

      I wanted to put a “downloads/freebies” portion here in my blog.. but wordpress won’t allow me to upload the files.. and I don’t know where I can host it for free. sigh..

      • haha i’ve had those times too; when procrastination gets the best of me. good luck on your studying.

        aw, bummer. that’d be a cool feature for you to have here. too bad it doesn’t work to upload. hm, i don’t know either. if i come across on i’ll let you know though!

      • yeah.. i mean.. there’s but I don’t want it to be public. I want it just for the people that follow me :) special.

        but yeah! thanks.. that’ll be great if you do come across it :)

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