Love and Sketch Up

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I spent my valentine’s day making a card for my very good friend Marteeen (Martin), and going to school. We’re taking accounting together right now and we’ve been keeping each other sane throughout this class since it’s a 5 hour night class. It’s pretty much a friendship card telling him how much i loove him hahah I wanted to make him something and because he’s getting me chocolate from see’s candy. yum!

So the card that I made him, I pretty much copied a picture that I saw online. He loves forrest gump, and I thought that this quote pretty much summed up our relationship.

So you’re probably wondering why I titled this “Love and Sketch Up” well, I’ve been doing a personal project with Google Sketch Up. I’m trying to recreate the two homes I grew up in while I was living in the Philippines. I don’t have recent pictures of it, and I can’t visit them anymore when I got back because we sold them. So I thought I’d post the process here. I’m just recreating it through memory and with the help of my grandma.

here’s my first try:

The measurements aren’t exact because I don’t have the measurements at all. I just need to add the details into the walls like doors, millwork, windows, and flooring. Then add the extras later on like furniture, etc…

Well… that’s that for now!


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