Design Inspiration

My aunt that lives in the Philippines recently sent me and email saying that she’d like me to design some doors for her new house that she’s getting built. Her house is going to have a Modern Asian design and she’d like the doors to have an organic design that still relates to the house.

Pretty awesome huh? I’m really excited.

The first thing I thought of when she said Modern Asian is that I knew it was going to be boxy and geometric with a lot of clean, straight lines. So the first thing I did was to go on google and houzz to look for some inspiration.

Here are several images that I was inspired by:

Tarrytown House asian exterior
Kronstadt asian exterior
Bendel-Daniels House asian exterior
Bendel-Daniels House asian entry
So I got to the drawing board. I was initially going to sketch it out and color it but I thought that doing it in illustrator would be easier and faster.So here are the results! I was told to use 3-4 stains, and the doors are going to be constructed entirely out of wood. Simple, organic, and geometric.
I should have numbered them… but my favorite ones are the 5th one in the 1st row; the 1st one in the 2nd row; the 2nd and 5th one in the 3rd row; the 1st, 3rd, and 5th in the 4th row; the 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the 5th row; and both doors in the 6th row.
but.. ahh.. I like them all…. >_<
Which did YOU like?

12 thoughts on “Design Inspiration

  1. Francis, your work is really good. I love the ginko leaf most of all, but the designs are spot on. Are you looking at Falling Water & Wright’s work? You must be. Great stuff. Please post the pictures of the finished project!

    • Hey Ann! Thank you so much! I think the ginkgo leaf one is my most favorite out of all. Though I do love Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater and the rest of his work; I did not look for inspiration in them. I know that he loves organic architecture but his designs are more straight, detailed, and really geometric; while I wanted to add some curves and simple touches to mine. I did look at the Gamble House (Greene and Greene) for some inspiration.

      And yes! I’ll ask my aunt to send me pictures of the doors when it’s finished.

  2. im really lovin the third one on the third row, the second one of the fifth row, but mostly i love the fourth one on the fourth row :)

  3. wow! those are some really creative sketches :) i like them all but i’d say the third on the 5th row is the one i would pick for myself.
    the third on the 1st and the first on the 4th remind of piano keys which would be something my dad would like haha.
    nice work!

    • thank you! haha they do remind me of pianos as well :D aahhh i just noticed that the sketches looked a bit distorted.. it wasn’t like that when I uploaded them was it like that when you saw it? :( I just noticed it now…

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