Spring semester

School has started again! which means.. I won’t be online that much because I’m taking 20 units this semester!  :(
I’ll try to post as much as I can though!

and in honor of this back to school madness… Here’s a picture of my tackle box. I enjoy arranging my supplies in my tackle box… hehehe

hahhah random post :)


Claremont Adventure

My lovely cousin had wanted to have a photo shoot, and coincidently, so did I. We decided to go to Claremont because I’ve been wanting to take pictures at this lovely mosaic wall that was by Lynn Basa in the Claremont Village as well as in Pomona College.

We didn’t get to take too many pictures at Pomona College because we were walking around the Claremont Village and it took us a little longer than expected.


I’ll be posting about a couple of stores that we went to in the Claremont Village in a couple days, so stay tuned!


Free Download

I made a font today because I wanted to try out this program that I got.  I was going to make a “downloads” page so I can put freebies in there but I can’t upload .ttf files onto wordpress and I the free font hosting websites take forever.

click the picture and it will redirect you to dafont.com in a new window. Just click download and follow the instructions and I think it might show up on your font folders as “untitled” hahah sorry.. I was just trying it out while I was on my study break. I really should be studying right now though…. 

So click download! Free for personal use.

It’s a TrueType font (ttf) and they should work for both PC and Mac.

Install on a PC: Go to Start> Control Panel> Fonts, then drag the file into the folder.

Install on a Mac: Double click on the font, then click ‘Install.’ OR what I like to do is to open up the Font Book> File> Add font, then search for the font in the downloads folder (or wherever you placed it)


Love and Sketch Up

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I spent my valentine’s day making a card for my very good friend Marteeen (Martin), and going to school. We’re taking accounting together right now and we’ve been keeping each other sane throughout this class since it’s a 5 hour night class. It’s pretty much a friendship card telling him how much i loove him hahah I wanted to make him something and because he’s getting me chocolate from see’s candy. yum!

So the card that I made him, I pretty much copied a picture that I saw online. He loves forrest gump, and I thought that this quote pretty much summed up our relationship.

So you’re probably wondering why I titled this “Love and Sketch Up” well, I’ve been doing a personal project with Google Sketch Up. I’m trying to recreate the two homes I grew up in while I was living in the Philippines. I don’t have recent pictures of it, and I can’t visit them anymore when I got back because we sold them. So I thought I’d post the process here. I’m just recreating it through memory and with the help of my grandma.

here’s my first try:

The measurements aren’t exact because I don’t have the measurements at all. I just need to add the details into the walls like doors, millwork, windows, and flooring. Then add the extras later on like furniture, etc…

Well… that’s that for now!

Etsy: Peg and Awl

Hello! I thought I’d start a new category called “limelight”; which is, me, talking about a favorite designer, photographer, etsy store, etc… Basically, putting them in the spotlight. The center of attention.

So today, I want to talk about Peg and Awl.

Peg and Awl were created by the husband and wife duo: Walter and Margaux Kent. I came across their beautiful book necklaces a year or so ago while I was searching for miniature things. (I’m quite fond of anything miniature… I mean, who isn’t? It’s adorable!) They work with a lot of reclaimed materials and they also have multiple etsy shops for paintings, hand bound journals, and vintage treasures!

Here’s a some of my favorite things from the Peg and Awl etsy shop:

1. Wood Tub Caddy
Made from Reclaimed Oak. Perfect for a relaxing bath!
2. Smoke Stacks – 3 Recycled Olde Growth Pine Candle Holders
well… don’t you need candles for that relaxing bath? :)
3. Autumnal Library Book Necklace
11 antique leather-covered books. Isn’t it cute? I’m going to make one. Stay tuned!
4. Desk caddy
Made from reclaimed wood from the 1800’s. I would definitely want this on my desk.
5. Chalkboard Tablet
Made from reclaimed wood and leather. Perfect for the fridge or near your bed or desk to write down reminders! You can also find  this in anthropologie.


hope you take a look at their shop! :) Enjoy!

Design Inspiration

My aunt that lives in the Philippines recently sent me and email saying that she’d like me to design some doors for her new house that she’s getting built. Her house is going to have a Modern Asian design and she’d like the doors to have an organic design that still relates to the house.

Pretty awesome huh? I’m really excited.

The first thing I thought of when she said Modern Asian is that I knew it was going to be boxy and geometric with a lot of clean, straight lines. So the first thing I did was to go on google and houzz to look for some inspiration.

Here are several images that I was inspired by:

Tarrytown House asian exterior
Kronstadt asian exterior
Bendel-Daniels House asian exterior
Bendel-Daniels House asian entry
So I got to the drawing board. I was initially going to sketch it out and color it but I thought that doing it in illustrator would be easier and faster.So here are the results! I was told to use 3-4 stains, and the doors are going to be constructed entirely out of wood. Simple, organic, and geometric.
I should have numbered them… but my favorite ones are the 5th one in the 1st row; the 1st one in the 2nd row; the 2nd and 5th one in the 3rd row; the 1st, 3rd, and 5th in the 4th row; the 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the 5th row; and both doors in the 6th row.
but.. ahh.. I like them all…. >_<
Which did YOU like?