What ghost?

So this past weekend I spent the night at my mom’s work with her (she works at a high school dormitory which used to be an old hotel) because my dad asked me to accompany her just so she isn’t alone and so she can sleep. Turns out there might be a ghost(s) in the hall because someone (or something) messed with my mom’s desk while she was out of the office for about 15 minutes. She looked back at the security tapes in the hallway but she didn’t see anyone go into her office. Creepy huh? Luckily I didn’t see anything or observed anything strange that happened.

I decided to take a few pictures around the grounds before dinner was ready.

Hope you enjoy!

(OH… I stitched my pictures again. The reason I’m stitching them is because I want to conserve space in the media library for other pictures :) Plus it’s easier to upload since all i have to do is pick one file hehhehe :) )

Here’s my description of the pictures by row:

Radiators. I’ve never really seen a radiator up close and I thought it was really cool.

House. There’s a house on the right side of that hill (where the trees are at). I wonder if the view is really pretty from up there…

Light. I really like light fixtures and this one caught my attention.

Bridge and Bath. That’s the bridge that connects the dormitories to the school. Then there’s another radiator in the bathroom but what I was really interested in was the tile on the floor. Cute little hexagons – simple.

Railing. As I was walking back to the dormitories, I looked back at the sunset and took a picture through the railings. I though it looked pretty cool.


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