Books and Lace


First of all, I want to say that I’m so grateful to have been featured on “Freshly Pressed” yesterday as well as today!!! aaahhh!! two days in a row! I was so happy to receive such great comments and got some new followers too! Might I say… I’ve been feeling pretty inspired and motivated since yesterday. This was exactly the kick I needed to get this blog going.

So here it is, as promised, I’m showing you the awesome finds that I got while I was on my trip.

Two old books (The Scarlet Letter & War and Peace) from the 57th Street Antique Mall located in East Sacramento. Then the lace tablecloth, two lace doilies, and three lace ribbons that I found at a small thrift store on the way to Yosemite. (Sadly, I didn’t remember the name of the town)

The lace table-cloth is a little stained so I still need try to get the stains out. The ribbon on the top right, which came in a set of 3 that’s about 30″ long, are damaged and there’s a lot of stains. So if I can’t get the stains out of those ribbons, I’d salvage the good parts and maybe make some earrings or jewelry of some sort. (Unless I come up with a better idea) I think I’m going to use the lace ribbons that’s located in the top middle section for these skirts that I want to make that I saw on pinterest one time.

well.. these ones are actually shorts but hey.. shorts are awesome.

and then there’s this one:

Then the lace doilies… I really wanted to make the lace doilie lamps I’ve been seeing around like these:

If not lamps, then maybe some cool lace bowls for decoration or maybe I’d incorporate it to kind of a mixed media painting. RIGHT? that’d be cool…

Ok farewell for now. I’m off to do my laundry and accounting homework. fuunn…


8 thoughts on “Books and Lace

  1. I adore lace myself :) I’m new to blogging, but I’m gonna feature some really awesome things, soon..
    I enjoyed your blog, keep it up! & congrats for being ‘Freshly Pressed’ ;)

    • thank you! umm if you click on the picture, it will redirect you to a site and i think one of them has instructions on how to do the lamps.

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