lazy day

I’ve video chatted with a couple of friends over the past couple of days and both had noted that I look really tired, which I am. These past couple of months have been just a never ending cycle of projects, research, and tests. I decided to be lazy today (even though I know I really need to work on stuff) and just sit back, relax and listen to music. Speaking of music… I think I’ve found the genre of songs that I enjoy listening to. I mean I love all types of music, and I’ll give everything a chance, but I think I enjoy listening to Electronic, Trip-hop, Indie, and Alternative… OH and classical too… I always listen to classical music, especially when I’m studying for Business Law. I feel like I’m Elle Woods, studying at Harvard. (not really :P)

I just wanted to share some music. You may have heard it before, you may not… just take the time and listen.

Hope you enjoy!

Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Suzy – Caravan Palace

Perpetuum Mobile – Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Glory Box – Portishead

Endless Spring – Houses



p.s. I got the links for the music here. I don’t own any of them.


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