We were assigned to design an accessible kitchen 2 weeks ago. I’ve been working on my design throughout the weeks, and did not procrastinate; but somehow I still ended up staying up the night before it was due to finish everything! I was so stressed. This project confused me, gave me headaches, and irritated me. In the end though, I was proud of the overall design. This is for my Codes class, so all we have to do is design spaces that are up to the building codes and such. Our teacher always tell us that we don’t have to design things in detail, like aesthetic wise, just make everything simple and standard. Of course, being myself, I tend to make everything harder for myself. I’ll go that extra mile to make everything pretty or detailed. My classmates already know that I have something “crazy” in mind to do for projects. (Even though I don’t think it’s that crazy…) I tend to design high end looking spaces… fancy.
I just wanted to show you guys where I got my inspiration from and I wanted to show you my finished colored design. (Things to keep in mind: Yes, my lines aren’t straight. We’re suppose to freehand all the inking and I think I did alright. Not my best though. Whenever I ink my lines, I NEVER  breath. I hold my breath when I’m drawing a line so I don’t mess up. Doesn’t work sometimes though. hahah :) )
Needham Kitchen traditional kitchen
VP Interiors 2010 contemporary kitchen
Russian Hill modern kitchen
Kitchen traditional kitchen
Paton Terrace Kitchen contemporary kitchen
Bhatia contemporary kitchen
so here’s the floor plan. We were given that space to work with, all while thinking of the necessary clearances and such for the wheelchair to able to roll comfortably around.

here’s the elevations for the floor plan above. The top one is of the north side of the floor plan. It’s actually the one I was really excited about because of the backsplash that I did. The detail of the tile is off to the side but it got cut off, but at least you can somehow see it :). I showed my teacher and she was like “It’s Beyooootiful!” (hehehhe) Bottom left is of the west side which has the floor to ceiling windows. Bottom right is of the east side which has french doors. (pretty simple)

And last, here’s the elevations for the island. Pretty simple as well, I had no room to add any extra drawers and cabinets because I had to put seating for four. And If I put it in the side of the microwave and cooktop, it would have collided with those appliances.

Did you like it? I hope you did :) Even though this gave me headaches, and I literally wanted to trash my trace paper.. I love doing this.

So now off to my next project! Hotel suites!

– Francis


lazy day

I’ve video chatted with a couple of friends over the past couple of days and both had noted that I look really tired, which I am. These past couple of months have been just a never ending cycle of projects, research, and tests. I decided to be lazy today (even though I know I really need to work on stuff) and just sit back, relax and listen to music. Speaking of music… I think I’ve found the genre of songs that I enjoy listening to. I mean I love all types of music, and I’ll give everything a chance, but I think I enjoy listening to Electronic, Trip-hop, Indie, and Alternative… OH and classical too… I always listen to classical music, especially when I’m studying for Business Law. I feel like I’m Elle Woods, studying at Harvard. (not really :P)

I just wanted to share some music. You may have heard it before, you may not… just take the time and listen.

Hope you enjoy!

Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Suzy – Caravan Palace

Perpetuum Mobile – Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Glory Box – Portishead

Endless Spring – Houses



p.s. I got the links for the music here. I don’t own any of them.


I haven’t been able to blog. at all. I apologize.

I’ve been so busy with school that I don’t even have the time to do anything crafty or take pictures or anything! I’m taking two design classes and I’ve got projects every week right after another. On top of that, I’m taking a business law class and two online classes (Child development and Ethics). I’ve been so stressed for the past 6 weeks, I just really hope I make it through.

I’ve been wanting to blog about this other skirt I had made for my baby sister but I haven’t even taken pictures of it :(

AHHH ok. I hope I get to blog soon. or make something crafty. or go take pictures.

I’ve been itching to go take pictures and go thrifting… I was going to go thrifting this week with my friend but we decided to cancel because of our projects. *sigh*

ok back to drafting!

– francis